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It seems that God is secular, even extremely secular .... If this is not the case, how is his blessings always resolved on the secular countries that separate religion from the state while its curse is always on those countries that govern in the name of religion and sectarianism, why the first always live in peace and prosperity and progress and ambition while you find that the second submerged in the underdevelopment, ignorance, degeneration, wars, calamities, woes and in any way you looked at them.

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القاضي المستشار حسين حمادة

Judge Hussain Hamadeh

Not to mention the wide gap between theory and practice, which governs Syria - from the point of view of rights - is not only the Constitution but a set of decrees and special laws that came to devote tyranny and block the process of political transition and prevent the development of social and economic, including, but not limited to the following:
Legislative Decree No. 40 of 2 May 1966 granting immunity to some government officials
2 - Legislative Decree No. 109 of 17/8/1968 including the formation of military courts
3. Legislative Decree No. 14 of 15 January 1969 establishing the General Directorate of Intelligence
4 - Legislative Decree No. 549 of 15/5/1969 containing the rules of procedure of the General Directorate of Intelligence
5- Law No. 49 of 7/7/1980 concerning the Muslim Brotherhood
6 - Legislative Decree No. 69 of 30 \ 9 \ 2008, which includes immunity for police, customs and political security from prosecution and its amendments, especially Decree No. 55 of 21/4/2011
7. Act No. 19 of 28 June 2012 containing the fight against terrorism
8. Act No. 22 of 15 July 2012 including the formation of terrorist courts
9. Law No. 3 of 1976 on the Prevention of Land Traffic
10. Law No. 1 of 2003 on the Prevention of Construction
11. Decree No. 60 of 1979 on Regulation and Acquisition

12. Law No. 20 of 1983 on Acquisition
13 - Law No. 8 of 2007 on investment
Second :
There are laws that distorted the political and social life, including:
1 - Law of the House of Representatives
2. Law of the Judicial Authority
3 - Law of the army and the armed forces
4 - Law of the Internal Security Forces and security institutions
5. The Law of Ambassadors and Diplomats
6. Local Administration Law
7. Law on Nationality
8 - The law of tax legislation and public budget
9 - Law of Education
10. Law on Political Parties
11. General Elections Law
12. Information and Publications Law
This system and others constitute a real obstacle to the process of transition to a national space allows the production of a modern state, so it must be canceled or modified in line with the concept of the nation and citizenship and not only talk about constitutional amendments or the production of a new constitution

التعليق والنقاش