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flags 300x200 2The establishment of a Syrian national center independent of all internal and external forces, to raise the voice and ideas of all Syrians without exception, through dialogues, polls and elections, reliably, honorably, neutrally and properly documented under the supervision of all members belonging to this site and the teams elected by them....Read more

Free Syrian anthem

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It seems that God is secular, even extremely secular .... If this is not the case, how is his blessings always resolved on the secular countries that separate religion from the state while its curse is always on those countries that govern in the name of religion and sectarianism, why the first always live in peace and prosperity and progress and ambition while you find that the second submerged in the underdevelopment, ignorance, degeneration, wars, calamities, woes and in any way you looked at them.

Damascus Syria

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التعليق والنقاش